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Free Pin for New Students
New Students Only, Please
Input your email address, click the button, you will receive an email. Click the link in your email, you will see a PIN instantly. Please write it down and use it within 60 days.
Your email address will not be used for any other purposes. No registration required. Subject to availability. Please note: due to large number of emails from LoudClear, a few schools may filter out emails from us.
Input your email:
(Must be edu email. Example, abc@xyz.edu, or, abc@xxx.xyz.edu)

If you have not received the pin link after 5 minutes, please write from your edu email address to suppport@loudclear.com, with subject line of "problem getting free 30-min on web".

Limite 2 pin(s) per student please. Each small PIN is 30 minutes to call China based on local access. It has much less minuets if you use 800 access number. If you have any questions, please email: support@loudclear.com . Click here or see below to learn how to use your pin.

Watch out our sales on holidays.
How to use the small pin, on your cell phone inside USA?
Assume you are in New York City, Chicago, Los Anges,or any other city inside USA 48 states, and you want to call a China cell phone number 138 666 88888. Please follow the four steps:
Step-1. Dial 213 805 0001, then press 'talk' key on your cell phone. ( 213 805 0001 is an access number in Los Angles. In USA, almost all cell phone has free domestic long distance inside USA. If you want to make sure you wont get charged by your cell phone company, you can ask your cell phone company to double check on that)
Step-2. Voice prompt will say "for English press 1, for Chinese press 2", now please press 1 to use English
Step-3. Voice prompt will say "please input your card number", now you press your card number (PIN). That is the 13 digit number you just received through your email link. Sometimes the PIN can be only 11 digits.
Step-4. Voice prompt will say "please input your destination number", now you press
011 86 138 666 88888
After this, do not press any other key, just wait, you will be connected and ready to talk. At this point, it would be a mistake if you press 'talk' key again!
Note: 011 means international, 86 means China.

If the desination number is a land line number 2566 6666 in Beijing, in Step-4 you need to dial
011 86 10 2566 6666
There is no '0' in front of Beijing city code '10'.

If you make any mistake in the steps above, please hang up your phone.

Note: Regular Love card has convenient binding feature, so that you do not need to dial your PIN every time. The 30-minute small PINs do not have binding feature.
USA Users: Use Love card local access number. No toll free access for the small PIN. There are many local access numbers for Love card. If you want to make a quick call but have no idea of which local access number to use, you can use your cell phone in USA to call the following access numbers of a few metropolitan areas, as long as your cell phone has free domestic long distance/roaming in USA (you need to check your cell phone minute usage).
Los Angeles 213 254 9985 HOUSTON 713 481 0110
Chicago 312 281 0012 Atlanta 404 410 2515
Brooklyn NYC NY 646 8620175 ST LOUIS MO 314 5589908
Columbus OH 614 448 0012 Austin TX 512 717 4420
Dallas TX 214 452 9933 Detroit 313 228 9904
Thousands of access numbers in USA!
Canada Users: please use Love card local access in Canada. Some examples:
Vancouver 604 484 8091 Toronto 647 722 9336
Montreal 514 448 9794 N. Vancouver 604 998 4038
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